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    Liz Climo on Tumblr.

    Previoulsy: 1 - 2

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    Ya’ll are too much

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    Print it.  Fuck it.

    am i supposed to laugh at “print it. fuck it.” or the fact that the dude is the fucking same guy as the little advertisement in the same position im so confused

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    i just ordered dominos and they gave me this


    so i was like what the fuck and complained (literally how do u even eat this? tell me.) and they gave me another pizza and i was so excited to see how like perfectly constructed this next pizza was gonna be because wouldn’t you assume they would care more in order to Satisfy the Customer. well


    i am suing dominos and i hate america 

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  • bonus:

    reasons why i stop replying: 

    1. i’m busy
    2. you’re boring
    3. i’m mad
    4. you replied with one word
    5. you asked for a pic

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  • "Please tell me
    I’m not as forgettable
    as your silence
    is making me feel."
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    phone calls are the most terrifying thing in the world

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    today a 4 foot tall freshman in an angry birds t shirt pushed me out of the way because he “has an honors class to get to move peasant” 

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